Daniel Ramos

Full-stack Developer

Lean Mind



My name is Daniel Ramos, I'm a full-stack developer and technology enthusiast. I'm in love with Javascript and functional programming. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and learning from them.

At the backend, I have worked mainly with Node.js and Swagger, using it to create RESTful APIs. Occasionally I have developed some microservices using Scala and Akka Streams. I have learned Elixir an Go to create backend services, but I still haven't used them in real-world projects

At the frontend, I use React & Redux to create web apps and native apps, but I would like to learn Angular and Vue in the future.

In the sysadmin world, I have avanced knowledge of Docker an Kubernetes. In the last year I have deployed containers in Amazon Web Service but I have also used other cloud proviers and services, specially Google Kubernetes Engine.

Apart from these technical aspects, I do formations from time to time:

  • 2017-03 at Open Canarias: Javascript, CSS, React and Redux
  • 2018-07 at Open Canarias: Javascript in 2018 and React best practices
  • 2018-08 at Kairos: Javascript, OOP, FP


Degree in Computer Engineering

University of La Laguna

2013 - 2017

Professional Experience

Frontend developer

Lean Mind|2018 - today

I started at Lean Mind in search of better progmming habits and to enforce myself to use best practices. By the brief time I have been here, I learned many things, specially about Code Quality, Test Driven Developent, enterprise architectures and agile methodologies.

Full-stack developer

Open Canarias|2017 - 2018

I joined Open Canarias at the investigation and development department when I finished my Degree at Computer Engineering. I started developing an iOS app but my main job has been as full-stack developer using React at the frontend and Node.js at the backend. Also, I have developed some POCs using innovative technolgies like Blockchain or Deep Neural Networks, Here are some remarkable projects:

  • Yogabot: A smart Yoga trainer using AI (specifically, Facebook's Detectron) to analize your body and recommend specific Yoga exercises
  • Blockchain POC: A system for uploading litications that are hashed and persisted in Ethereum Blockchain
  • AI Document Classification POC: An Artificial Intelligence system that retrieves several documents from the clients database, and sorts them into serveral categories using Tensorflow's Deep Neural Networks.

At Open Canarias I was also introduced into Functional Reactive Programing using RxJS for React and Akka Streams at the backend.


// Professional

  • Web Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Code Trainer
  • Teamwork

// Technical

  • Javacript
  • Scala
  • Go
  • Elixir
  • Functional Programming
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Tensorflow